Have you ever wondered how to get free xbox one games or free xbox codes?

More you go deep into the Psychology and Internet, the more you realize just how much these words remain true: People love free stuff.

In case you’re visiting our website for the first time, specializes in providing working methods to earn free Xbox Live codes, PSN CODES and other types of gift cards like Google Play Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Card codes, and Amazon Gift card codes as well. A question that continuously keeps coming to us is how to earn free Xbox Live codes.

Are there any legit ways to get free Xbox codes online?

The answer (as with most things on the web) is Yes.

That being said, there are loads of other things to watch out for as well. Most probably scams that we’ll talk about in the post later. But first, we’ll start with all the legit ways of getting free Xbox Live codes online.

What Are The Benefits Of XBOX Live Gold Membership?

Having gold membership means that each month you’ll be able to download certain AAA games for free, available for only a limited time. I know I personally love discovering new titles that I probably would never have considered buying otherwise.

Not only that, but Deals With Gold gives you access to exclusive deep discounts of 50-70% off select games and DLC packs.

There’s a plethora of other benefits too. For example, Home Gold extends XBOX access to everyone in your household and they will all get their own GamerTag, allowing you to play with each other in online multiplayer games.

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